XHS Radial Piston Motor

XHS Radial Piston Motor is a mechanical device that can transfer hydraulic energy to mechanical energy. Our main structure of Radial Piston Motor consist of crankshaft, body, cover, swivelling cylinders and five or seven pistons. The motor use double piston support bearing structure to reduce the friction at start up and creep speed range. The Radial Piston Motor also has rotary axial distributor for ensuring the best distribution with short and large oil ducts. In addition, piston retaining rings design ensure the piston remains in contact with the shaft in all operating conditions, even during cavitation.

The major advantages of this Radial Piston Motor are high mechanical efficiency, high start torque and high volumetric efficiency. This Radial Piston Motor can run with high continuous power ratings. Compare with other motors, this Radial Piston Motor has larger cylinder feed channels and stronger castings. They can reduce power lost with high flows and increase internal and external load capacity. 

This Radial Piston Motor is widely applied in construction, marine equipment, mining, drilling industries and plastic injection machine. The Radial Piston Motors usually provide power to winches, crane drives and gearboxes. 

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