Classification of hydraulic motors

- 2022-05-19-

The line hydraulic motor is reversed by the wrong rotor, and the fixed rotor is not wrong. The relative position of the rotor and the stream disk is wrong. Swing hydraulic motor is divided into two types: shaft distribution and end -surface matching flow. The distribution method of the shaft stream is on the spindle. You can make a mark on the axis side of the shaft and seal the cavity of the ZUI small sealing cavity of the rectangle. The distribution method of the end -faced flow is the stream disk. After connecting the stream shaft and the rotor, the depth of the sealing cavity can be measured by the stator. For positive rotation, otherwise reverse.

The depth is the sum of the three of the rotary, the side plate, and the stream. The main reason is on the stream disk. Generally speaking, when the side of the stream dishes is inlet, the cavity (high voltage cavity) of the clockwise side of the clockwise (high pressure cavity) of the tincture of the ZUI sealing cavity is the positive rotation.