Improve the speed of the swing hydraulic motor

- 2022-03-16-

Increasing traffic can of course increase the speed, but more or less will affect the service life of the step line hydraulic motor. However, as long as it is in its rated power range, there is no problem. If the hydraulic pressure reaches the rated pressure, the speed of the speed is improved, which exceeds the power range it can withstand, and of course, the life of the cycoside hydraulic motor is damaged. , Just like it can't eat so much but it is hard to eat, and the result will be brought to the stomach.

Increasing traffic can only improve the speed, 500 increase to 900, then it is recommended to change the model of the model, the flow rate of the wafer hydraulic motor is increased to a certain extent, the speed does not increase the rising, and the internal oil pressure is increased, and the internal oil is increased. Large, leading to the efficiency direct decline, or the motor is damaged.