Marine platform lifting reducer

- 2022-03-02-

At present, it is widely used in the decrease of the marine platform to reduce the NGW planetary gear transmission structure of three or four-stage speed. The NGW planetary gear transmission mechanism is mainly composed of a sun gear, planetary, an internal ring and a planet carrier. The principle of transmission is: When the high-speed axis is driven by the motor, the solar wheel is switched, and then the planetary wheel is rotated. Since the internal gear is fixed, it drives the planet frame as an output movement, and the planetary wheel is active on the planet. The same structure is re-formed in the same structure.

During marine ship operation, there will be more vibration and impact, and the three or four-stage NGW planetary gear reducer of the horizontal structure is large, and the transverse size, impact and vibration will occur due to the transmission.

The internal transmission structure has a greater impact, how to ensure the smooth operation of the reducer under the shock and vibration conditions, is a problem worth studying.

The new macro can be smoothly operated by the invention, so that the speed reducer can operate smoothly under the vibration and impact generated in the normal operation of the ship, by the second stage ring gear and / or the third stage ring gear in the planetary gear transmission structure and the third stage The connector is added between the second planet carrier to reduce the internal gap of the transmission structure, thereby ensuring the operational stability of the reducer and the operating conditions under the vibration conditions.

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