Introduction of roller hydraulic motor failure analysis and exclusion

- 2022-01-08-

(1) The roller hydraulic motor output torque is not enough.

1 The roller outer circle is parallel with the housing hole, or the pressure oil leakage of the oil cavity (out of the oil cavity) after using wear, and the amount of leakage is increased, and should be re-processed by brushing or re-processing. Roller is equipped.

2 The blade of the rotor is rounded, and the amount of leakage is large.

3 dirt will kill the blades and rollers.

4 The friction between the roller and the blade shaft is not good for processing accuracy and assembly accuracy, so that the friction between the roller outer circle and the blade roots is large, the oil film is cut, causing the Thousand friction.

Countermeasures can be taken for the above reasons.

(2) Roller hydraulic motor speed is not going

1 Reasons for "insufficient output torque" 1, 2.

2 size gear wear so that the accuracy of the roller oil is reduced, resulting in a string of the oil inlet and outlet.

3 The oil pump is not enough.

Countermeasures can be taken according to the above reasons.