The difference between piston motor and normal motor

- 2021-11-25-

1. Small volume(piston motor) can produce high power;

2. High adaptability, small temperature rise(piston motor), and the speed can change with the load until overload shutdown without any damage to the pneumatic motor. Therefore, a lower safety factor can be considered when selecting;

3. Emergency start and emergency stop(piston motor), especially suitable for frequent start-up, and the commutation is very easy;

4. Simple stepless speed regulation(piston motor), from zero to maximum, flexible operation;

5. The starting torque is large and can start with load;

6. Simple structure and long service life of pneumatic motor;

7. It is not affected by the external environment, even in water, dusty, humid, dirty and other harsh environments, because the internal pressure of the pneumatic motor is greater than the external pressure when it is running;

8. It is safe, explosion-proof, and the pneumatic motor does not produce spark, overheating, explosion, short circuit (electricity) and other dangerous factors. It is especially suitable for the environment with flammable and explosive substances or high temperature, such as the mixing of solvents, paints, chemicals, etc.