Problems that cannot be ignored in hydraulic motors

- 2021-11-15-

When starting at full load, pay attention to the nominal value of the starting torque of the hydraulic motor. Since the starting torque is shorter than the rated torque, if you don't pay attention, it will make the working organization unable to operate normally. If the inertia force of the propelled part is large, and if it is braked or dropped in a short time, the wheel hydraulic motor should be equipped with a valve on the oil return channel to avoid severe impact on the hydraulic machine and cause damage to safety accidents.
As the driving force of lifting or walking equipment, hydraulic motors need to be equipped with speed limit valves to prevent lifting mechanisms such as automobiles from hanging objects or speeding when they descend at high speeds, causing major accidents. In addition, since the parking back pressure of the hydraulic motor is higher than the atmospheric pressure, the oil drain pipe of the motor needs to be separately guided back to the automobile fuel tank, and cannot be connected to the hydraulic motor return pipeline.

In addition, because the hydraulic motor always leaks, if the inlet and outlet are closed to brake, it will still move slowly. When you need to brake for a long time, you should reset the brake to avoid turning.