Six points for attention when using hydraulic motors

- 2021-11-10-

We often encounter different problems when using hydraulic motors, but due to the special working conditions of hydraulic motors, there are six special points that need to be paid attention to when using them.

1. When starting at full load, you should pay attention to the hydraulic motor's starting torque value. Because the starting torque of the hydraulic motor is shorter than the rated torque, if ignored, the working mechanism will not be able to operate.

2. Since the back pressure of the hydraulic motor is higher than the atmospheric pressure, the oil drain pipe of the motor must be led back to the oil tank separately and cannot be connected with the oil return pipe of the hydraulic motor.

3. Since the hydraulic motor always leaks, if the inlet and outlet of the hydraulic motor are closed for braking, it will still slip slowly. When braking for a long time is required, a brake to prevent rotation should be provided separately.

Fourth, when the inertia of the driven part is large (large moment of inertia or high speed), if it is required to brake or stop the car in a short period of time, a safety valve (buffer valve) should be installed in the oil return path to prevent sudden changes. The hydraulic shock caused damage accidents.

5. When the hydraulic motor is used as the power part of the lifting or walking device, a speed limit valve must be installed to prevent the heavy object from falling quickly or the vehicle and other walking mechanisms from overspeeding when the walking mechanism goes downhill, which may cause serious accidents.

6. When using a fixed amount motor, if you want to start and stop smoothly, you should use the necessary pressure control or flow control methods in the circuit design.

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