The precaution of using the gear reducer

- 2021-10-28-

Leakage cause
1. Pressure rise in oil tank(gear reducer)
In the closed reducer, each pair of gears will generate heat when they are meshed and rubbed. According to Boyle mallott's law, with the extension of operation time, the temperature in the reducer box will gradually increase, while the volume in the reducer box will remain unchanged, so the pressure in the box will increase, and the lubricating oil in the box will splash and sprinkle on the inner wall of the reducer box. Due to the strong permeability of oil, under the pressure in the box, where the seal is not tight, the oil will seep from.

2. Oil leakage caused by unreasonable structural design of gear reducer
If the designed reducer has no ventilation hood, the reducer cannot achieve pressure equalization, resulting in higher and higher pressure in the box and oil leakage.

3. Excessive refueling of the gear reducer
During the operation of the reducer, the oil pool is stirred severely, and the lubricating oil splashes everywhere in the reducer. If the amount of oil is too much, a large amount of lubricating oil will accumulate in the shaft seal, joint surface, etc., resulting in leakage.

4. Improper maintenance process of the gear reducer
During equipment maintenance, oil leakage will also be caused due to incomplete removal of dirt on the joint surface, improper selection of sealant, reverse installation of seals, untimely replacement of seals, etc.