The stereotype of the gear reducer

- 2021-10-22-

There are two types of bearing fixation for the gearbox of the gear reducer:

(gear reducer)One is to press the bearing bush by the box cover. When machining the bearing hole of the gearbox, the box cover and the box seat shall be assembled together for boring. However, this makes the boring measurement more troublesome, and because the box cover should bear the load generated by the gear, it should be firm at the fixed bearing bush, which requires the box wall to be thick, while other parts of the box cover only serve as a shell. In this way, the shape of the whole box cover will become complex and the thickness will be uneven, which will bring inconvenience to the production of the box cover.

(gear reducer)The other is to use the bearing cover to fix the bearing bush separately, use the box cover with thinner thickness as the sealing shell, at the same time, adopt the flexible bottom structure for the bearing base, fix the bearing base and the bearing cover together, and then fix them on the box base, and use the adjusting gasket to adjust the central position of the bearing bush. In this way, the gear center can be adjusted arbitrarily as required, so the harsh requirements for boring parallelism and inclination are reduced. At the same time, after operation, the coordinate deviation of the axis line can be adjusted more conveniently due to the deformation of the box. This structure has been adopted by the gear box with multiple bearings.